Monday, June 15, 2015

comecei sala de ingles

April 13, 2015
This week was busy, very busy we found alot of people to teach. We found a friend of an old investiagor named Osmar. We  were on the street on saturday night trying to find people to take to church. And we found a guy named Tyson we started talking to him and invited him to church he tells us that he´s looking for a church to go to and so the next day I grab a member and we go and bring him to the church. Then for fast sunday my companion who only has 3 weeks here in Brazil went up to bear his testimony it was pretty aweosme he´s already speaking well and will be a great missionary.
Saturdays the 7 at night we have class of english and we give english for the people and its going great. We had an investigator there named Orlando who is super cool and he liked it alot. And also a lot of members as well it went well and they are excited for our second english class my goal this time is to have 3 investigators at the inglish class. 
Sunday night we went to the other elder´s area and watched the first vision with them and it was awesome then we answered all there questions after it ended. 
Well this email will be short but that basically what happended this week we found some cool people taugh english and im exaughsted haha 

The mission is awesome have an awesome week!

I've baptized 21 people so far, lots of work to be done in Brazil!

Sounds like you guys had a fun week going into D.C.! Thats good the weather is starting to get better. It´s pretty hot over here still. It wont get cold until like June. Its fun training am american, he´s already speaking really well. were practicing together language study for 30 minutes at least every day to get better with the grammer and stuff. He´s already progressing very fast. We´ve found some cool people, I found a guy in our area book named Orlando he was taught by the missionaries like a year ago so I called him up and we started visting him. He has to stop smoking and then he can get baptized. We were walking on the street at saturday night and a cool miracle happened we found a guy named Anderson and he is the friend of  another investiagor named Osmar and Anderson went to church with Osmar so now  the two of them can be baptized this week! HopĆ© it all works out! 

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