Monday, June 15, 2015

Only 25 more weeks!

This week went by well, we were able to have a baptism of a guy named Lucas he´s 14 and he is super cool. His mom came to church as well and saw his baptism, it was a very neat experience. This week we have some other investigators that we are working with so that they can get baptized as well. Hopefully it all goes well. Being a district leader, and opening an area and teaching an ameican portuguese was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done while on my mission but
 I´ve deffinetly learned alot and how to really help the missionary teach and use techniques to teach more effectivly. 

Today we area going to the temple so thats why I didn´t write yesterday, to get to the temple I walk to the bus station from our house which is like a 30 minute walk and then we grab a train to the air port in porto alegre and then take a 20 minute bus ride close to a mall where we eat and then go over to the temple so its a good little adventure. 

During the week we mostly just stayed within two parts of our tiny neighboorhood. My area half of one big neighboorhood and so its a very small area. We found some cool people to teach. Our main investigators that we´re working with is a guy named Anderson who was at church and were trying to get him baptized this weekend. 
Also another guy named Lucas who was already at church and he likes hearing the messages alot he´s pretty cool. 
Were also teaching a family, the husband is the only one who goes to church but were trying to have there son and daughter go to church so that they can get baptized.

So were going to have alot of work ahead of us this week so its going to be neat to see what the outcome of this week will be! 

Well I love you guys and have a good week! 

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