Monday, June 15, 2015

When is Mother's Day?

This week was good went by fast as usaual we found alot of people but when we went to bring them to church they were all sleeping still! It was like 9:30 when I went over there so its hard when you wnat to help people and they wont even go to the church. The guy Osmar that we baptized the last week is doing well, he knows arabic fluently so thats kinda crazzy. Were going to visit him tonight and watch a movie with him and his family. 

We did a fun activity with seminary and we helped them to a scripture search with doctrine and covenatnts so that was fun.

Alot of the  people that I had taught in my other area are doing really well almost all of them are still going to church. Its been great to see how the gospel changes the lives of so many people. 

Being a district leader is neat, its cool to help the other missionaries and prepare trainings to help them teach and set more affective goals. Alot of days are stressful at times but every day Im learning somthing new. Im greatful for the time that I have and I know that I wont have any regrets. 

Sorry this email is short but I dont have alot of time, 
Elder Barrus 

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