Monday, June 15, 2015

May 18, 2015

We decided to group out our area into six groups and every week we started focusing on a different area. We went to the very back of our area and started knocking alot of doors to find alot of different people. 

We found a cool family, the mom is named Isabel, and her son calls him self Uri. They liked the messages alot and they want to go to church alot. Its cool to see the progress different people make as they are taught different principles that will enrich there lives.

This week right now is going to be very busy have to follow up alot of people and many others so that they can go to church. Its deffienty been interesting being a trainer and a district leader at the same time I´ve deffienty learned alot in this short amount of time. 

I have exactly one year and five months since I entered the MTC! Time is deffinetly going by so thats good! Tonight Im going to a family night with the same family that I was at when I used skype so thats going to be alot of fun! 

Sorry this email is kinda short not alot happened this week, we mostly just walked a ton and I think to day Im going to sleep good. 

Love you guys have a good week! 

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