Monday, June 15, 2015

May 11

This week was awesome we taught a bunch of lessons and lots of walking and the members here helped us out a lot it was awesome.  We´ve been working alot with one family, the mom and dad have problems with alchool but the kids have a lot of interest to get baptized. The dad went to church this past sunday and liked it a lot. I hope that he will now let his son to get baptized that would be awesome. 
Also we´ve teaching this guy named Anderson for awhile he´s liked the messages alot and knows that the book of mormon is true, he also went to church this past Sunday and it was awesome, he liked it a lot and so we're going to go and visit him this week so that he can progress. He´s an awesome guy I see him with alot of potential to get baptized soon. 
We also divided our area in sections so we can really visit as much people with potential as possible, I just hope that this will work so that we can cut down time and visit with more people, its gonna be awesome.
Today for pday its raining a lot so were problaly going to just go and explore some shops and maybe go to the mall to look around so that will be cool. But all in all its been a pretty simple fun week, this next week will be busy as usual I think. 

Well I love you guys, and have an awesome week!

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