Monday, June 15, 2015

transfers - June 8

Yesterday for lunch we were in the church and so I asked one of the other missionarys who we have will we eat lunch with? He´s like I dunno, so we find the sister who were supposed to have lunch with and she´s like I didn´t know you guys would come over today so Im going to need your help to make food. So we went over and we ended up making a bunch of pastels its was pretty awesome, we made chicken, beef, and ham and cheese. And for desert we fried bananas inside of the pastels and I think we made about 50 so she had us take the leftovers to our house so now we´ll have pastels for this week.
We ended up trying to visit alot of our investigators  but unfortunatly we weren't able to get anyone to church. But we were definetly able to find a lot of people and know that in the future we´ll be able to help more people know that the gospel is true. 
Friday we tried to teach some people but it started to rain like crazzy so we ran into a shoe store and bought some new shoes for like 15 bucks. Then we went to a supermarket and explored for a little bit and ended up buying some pizza for 3 reals it was good. 
This week not a lot happened but it was good. I only have four more transfers on the mission before my mission ends, my guess is that I´ll have 4 new companions and 2 new areas to go to and then I´ll be back home. The time is definitely going fast. 
Love you guys and have a good weekk! 

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