Monday, June 15, 2015

One year and a half

This week we had transfers and I arrived in my new area called São Luis. Its right next to my other area which was Mathias Velho. My companion is Elder Ferreira and I´m teaching him english. He has about 3 months on the mission and he already knows how to teach and plan very well I feel like im here just to kind of back him up, he´s an awesome worker and I´m excited for this transfer. 
Today we went to a chinese food place it was awesome I felt like I was in America again they even had seseame chicken it was awesome. 
When I arrived here in the area we went and visited some members and my companion showed me our potential investigators. We went to this guy named Mateus and he´s awesome we started talking to him when his beautiful neighbor came down and started to talk to us she was very shy but I found out that she knows english so I started talking to her in English and she said that we could come by again some time. If she gets baptized were going to stay in touch. 
Here in São Luis is one of the more difficult areas to baptize because its more of a richer area so we started talking to people at the train station and if anyone stops to speak to us its because they really want to hear a message. 

On Thursday I made a contact with a man and I asked him if he accepted to be baptized on the 21 of June he said yes. We went over to teach him  and to our surprise he said that he is legally maried, already been to our church 2 times at least and knows thats it´s true! He accepted to follow all the commandments and was interviewed for the baptism but on sunday when we went to get him he wasn´t home we´ll try again this week to see if we can baptize him this thursday. But it was really cool to see that god really knows each and every one of us and is preparing people so that they can be baptized. 

Yesterday night we went and visited a lady named Rosy that my companion baptized before I got here. She is super nice and wants to cook a huge barbeque for us tonight should be fun. 

Well I´m super greatful for the gospel in my life and I know that there are many wonderful people here willing to follow these things. 
Love you guys and have an aweosome week! 

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