Monday, June 15, 2015

May 4

This week was pretty sweet 
Monday- played board games and then went to a family night and ate sauseges with cheese. 

Tuesday- we went and tracked and visted some streets that we havn´t gone to yet but we didn´t really find any people with alot of potential. 

Wednesday- I went on a division with the other elder and went and visted some cool families that they have in there area so that was cool. I left my companion elder Ritter with Elder Ayerdis and they were able to find some cool people. 

Thursday we went to porto alegre to go buy my box. I had to pay 55 reas to buy my box I though I´d have some candy from america but It only had one box of cake mix. 

Friday- We did an awesome service project and then we went to an activy at the church and ate a ton of pastels. 

Saturday- We did a division with the members and visted all the people that we wanted to go to church. Found some really cool people that have potential to get baptized.

Sunday- We had a cool baptism of a guy named Erlei, It was an awesome experience because he was so happy to know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. 

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